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About Revaz Eristavi

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I am hotel management professional in the fields of leisure activities, public relation and event management. Currently working as area manager at Grecotel S.A.

I’m also a founder of Event management company Corfu Artists that brings stage performing artists together.

My responsibilities are to stay always updated with new concepts and perform innovative tactics that are concerning the standards of the hotel leisure department.

Starting from 1992, I gained experiences in the field of entertainment, learned 5 languages, practiced hotel departments and studied the hotel management and public relations at several international schools.

Hotel entertainment brought me a fluent understanding of people management, Event organization, Public relations and Hotel Management.

I create night shows and events, organize and train entertainment team members, develop my own program, create strategic, financial plannings and successfully improve the quality system of the entertainment department.

Here are some of my presentations, videos and tips and I am sharing them with you in contribution of improvement of the hotel entertainment.

Checkout through pages of my website and enjoy your stay.

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