Kids Club

Kids Entertainment is most important sub-department of an Entertainment team.

Wisely said, If Kids are happy then everyone will be happy.

Classic Mini Club Program

For Hotels with less than 100 kids per week, prepared Classic Mini Club program that is not dividing children’s age into groups. Made for 4-12 years kids.

Advanced Mini Club Program:

For Large Family Clubs and Holiday Villages, in addition, children may become members to the clubs appropriate to their age.

Mini Club: Children aged from 3 to 13 participate in the activities in 3 separate groups.

Angels: 3-6        years old

Kids: 6-9        years old

Jokers: 9-12       years old

Teen’s Club: Children aged from 13 to 18 participate in the activities in 2 separate groups.

Juniors: 13-16  years old
Teens: 16-18  years old

Mini Club Department includes Sub departments as well as Land sport, Hobby Club, Kids Night Entertainment etc…  The following articles will show you what exactly our mini clubs entertainment department is providing to the hotels family guests.

Kids Festival:

Kids Festival is a main Activity of Mini Club Entertainment. It can be realized several times times during the summer season in case of making it as Traditional Gala Day for Children that is one of the most common advertisement for Hotel guests.

Mini Club Parties

Mini Club Parties are Parties made for children between 4-16 years. In this event they are able to play lot of party games, special Club dances, Enjot funny carnivals and much more.

Other Events

All other events you will be able to find on the next following page including the Activity definitions.

  • Sport activities
  • Daily Tournaments
  • Art and craft
  • Role playing games
  • Picnics and outgoing activities,
  • and much more.