About Revaz

About Revaz Eristavi

My Life in Entertainment

From childhood I was working in national theater and studying at the academy of arts.

In 1987 I was invited to join the cast in movies such as: Beach robber, Russian Eralash, and other short films.

1990 My Father and I moved to Turkey because as his business was established in Antalya at the department of tourism. It was my first year in entertainment department where I met my first Entertainment manager Mr. Ümit Okur. During the summer season I  worked in Entertainment team of Club Turtel Sorgun and in winter returned back home for continuing my studies.

1995 I started to work independently as Stage Supervisor. I was already experienced in entertainment and I created my first musical show for kids called “Silver story of Alex”.

1996 I was recruited by Club Robinson Lykia where I became reward as an Employee of the month.

1998 I joined kids entertainment in Club Asteria. With my contributions, Club Asteria has adopted new concept for Kids Club. It became known as best family club around the Belek region of Antalya during 1998 and 2000.

In 2001 I continued my carrier at Hotel Turquoise. Presented as responsible of kids club and afterward assisted Entertainment manager. I received a reward as an Employee of the Month in July 2001.

2002 and 2003 I returned back to Club Asteria as Entertainment Supervisor where I was assigned for several tasks. I trained over 150 employees for the daily program, Night shows, Kids Club, Sound and Lights and other departments of the entertainment.

Since 2004 I am working as Entertainment Team Trainer and Public relation Manager all around the EU Member countries. My task is to train the entertainment department, manage and arrange program for the resorts, Generate new strategy to follow concepts, Assign qualified employees and track their evaluations.